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Survey Methodology Bulletin, No 71

The Survey Methodology Bulletin (SMB) is primarily produced to inform staff in the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the wider Government Statistical Service (GSS) about ONS survey methodology work and includes short articles about methodological projects or issues of general interest.

Survey Methodology Bulletin, No 71, September 2012 (1.9 Mb Pdf)


  • Developing a Response Chasing Strategy for Business Surveys at the Office for National Statistics (UK)
    Pete Brodie and Mila Teneva

  • Estimating the Elasticity of Substitution for Alcohol Products
    Duncan Elliott and Robert O’Neill

  • Labour Force Refusal Follow-up Study
    Laura Wilson and Nina Parry-Langdon

  • THE Creation of Bespoke Sample Clusters for the Crime Survey for England and Wales 2012-2015
    Joel Williams

  • Forthcoming Conferences, Seminars and Courses 
    Salah Merad

  • The National Statistics Methodology Series


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