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Survey Methodology Bulletin No. 68 March 2011

The Survey Methodology Bulletin (SMB) is primarily produced to inform staff in the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the wider Government Statistical Service (GSS) about ONS survey methodology work and includes short articles about methodological projects or issues of general interest.

Survey Methodology Bulletin 68 - Mar 2011 (381.9 Kb Pdf)


  • The Application of Selective Editing to the ONS Monthly Business Survey
    Emma Hooper, Daniel Lewis and Claire Dobbins
  • Tracking Procedures on the Employment, Retention and Advancement Survey
    Kathryn Ashton and Martina Portanti
  • Model-Based Small Area Estimates of Households in Poverty
    Philip Clarke, Kevin McGrath, Nargis Rahman, Denise Britz do N. Silva and Alan Taylor
  • Pruning the Labour Force Survey: Removing Respondents Aged 75 and Above from the Waves 2-5 Interviews
    Karl Ashworth, Matthew Greenaway and Paul Smith
  • Forthcoming Conferences, Seminars and Courses
  • The National Statistics Methodology Series
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