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Survey Methodology Survey No. 57 - March 2006

The Survey Methodology Bulletin (SMB) is primarily produced to inform staff in the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the wider Government Statistical Service (GSS) about ONS survey methodology work and includes short articles about methodological projects or issues of general interest.

Survey Methodology Bulletin 57 - Mar 2006 (288 Kb Pdf)


  • Guidelines for Moving from ‘Experimental’ to ‘National Statistics’
    Marilyn Thomas
    UK Office for National Statistics

  • Review of Statistical Disclosure Control Methods for Census Frequency Tables
    Natalie Shlomo
    University of Southampton and UK Office for National Statistics

  • ACTR/IDBR Test Evaluation Report
    Neil Williams
    UK Office for National Statistics

  • Development of the Integrated Household Survey (IHS): 2005 Field Trials
    Helen Borgerson
    UK Office for National Statistics

  • Interview Mode Effects in the UK Local Labour Force Survey (LFS) 
    Dave Elliot, Laura Rainford and Jack Eldridge
    UK Office for National Statistics

  • Future Skills Wales – Achievement through Dissemination
    Jackie McDonald
    Education and Learning Wales

  • Forthcoming Conferences, Seminars and Courses

  • The National Statistics Methodology Series

  • The National Statistics Quality Review Programme 

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