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Survey Methodology Bulletin No. 56 September 2005

The Survey Methodology Bulletin (SMB) is primarily produced to inform staff in the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the wider Government Statistical Service (GSS) about ONS survey methodology work and includes short articles about methodological projects or issues of general interest.

Survey Methodology Bulletin 56 - Sept 2005 (735 Kb Pdf)


  • Should we move from household surveys to individual surveys?
    Paul Allin
    UK Office for National Statistics

  • Evaluation of the use of household survey data on spirits consumption for estimating the level of spirits fraud
    Eileen Goddard and Simon Compton
    UK Office for National Statistics

  • Development of an Integrated Household Survey (IHS) for the UK (the Continuous Population Survey) from a data collection perspective: improving survey questions and the quality of data output
    Alison Blackwell and Abigail Dewar
    UK Office for National Statistics

  • Designing sampling strategies for qualitative social research: with particular reference to the Office for National Statistics’ Qualitative Respondent Register
    Amanda Wilmot
    UK Office for National Statistics

  • Recruiting respondents for a qualitative study of the availability of local unit level business data
    Kim Ursachi and Jacqui Jones
    UK Office for National Statistics

  • Assessing the Quality of Administrative Data
    Marilyn Thomas
    UK Office for National Statistics

  • Forthcoming Conferences, Seminars and Courses

  • The National Statistics Methodology Series

  • The National Statistics Quality Review Programme


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