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Survey Methodology Bulletin No. 46 January 2000

The Survey Methodology Bulletin (SMB) is primarily produced to inform staff in the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the wider Government Statistical Service (GSS) about ONS survey methodology work and includes short articles about methodological projects or issues of general interest.

Survey Methodology Bulletin 46 - Jan 2000 (640.6 Kb Pdf)


  • New developments in the General Household Survey
    Ann Bridgwood
  • Choosing Stratifiers for the General Household Survey
    Franco Insalaco
  • Developing questions on cohabitation histories for the General Household Survey
    Robert Lilly
  • The use of cognitive interviewing to develop questions on social capital for the 2000/1 General Household Survey
    Sarah Earthy, Sarah Maltby, Sara Arber and Helen Cooper
  • Alternative methods of data collection for the General Household Survey
    Ann Bridgwood
  • Quality Issues in Social Surveys (QUISS) seminar London, 23rd November 1999 “International Survey Research – what is feasible within Europe?”
    Anu Mitra and Bridget Curry
  • Forthcoming conferences, seminars and courses
  • The GSS Methodology Series
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