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About the Household Satellite Account

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is developing a Household Satellite Account (HHSA), which, for the first time, will measure and value the outputs produced by households in the UK.

This unpaid work is not included in the UK National Accounts, and its measurement will provide a means by which we may monitor how the economy is affected by the way patterns of unpaid work are changing.
The information will also be of use to policy makers where significant amounts of unpaid work need to be taken into account.

The HHSA is part of the ONS series of experimental statistics.

During this development phase we are actively seeking feedback from potential users and would welcome your comments, which can be sent via email to

The HHSA has been divided into a number of smaller projects covering the different areas of activity.

The outputs relate to providing housing, transport, nutrition, clothing and laundry services, childcare, adult care and voluntary work.

They are journeys, meals, children looked after, etc.

The related inputs are purchases of goods and services, use of equipment and time/labour.

More detail can be found at the Household Satellite Account activities link or in the Complete Household Satellite Account download file. 

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