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Specific Methodology

This section includes methodology papers, reports and background notes.
  • Business and Energy

    Includes bulletins, reports, guides, policies, revision explanations and feasibility studies on ONS key business statistics

  • Crime statistics methodology

    Guidance on crime statistics and how they are calculated

  • Economy methodology

    Methodology information about ONS's economic statistics including papers, reports and background notes for economic growth

  • GSS Methodology Series

    The GSS methodology series of publications are monographs with a substantial methodological interest written by people across the Government Statistical Service (GSS)

  • Health Methodology

    Links to guidance and information documents concerning ONS health statistics

  • Labour Market Methodology

    Access point for information about the methodologies used in gathering Labour Market Statistics

  • Population and Migration Methodology

    Methodology and background information for ONS's population and migration statistics, including population estimates and projections and migration

  • Public Sector Methodology

    Methodology information for public sector statistics

  • Social and Welfare Methodology

    Information on surveys relating to issues such as families, households, disability and income inequality

  • Travel and Transport Methodology

    Overview of methodology used to collect ONS data about transport, travel and tourism, including the International Passenger Survey (IPS)

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