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Health Accounts terminology

Total health expenditure measures consumption of health goods and services within the year, as well as expenditure on capital items which typically last longer than a year, or the final use of resident units of health care goods and services plus gross fixed capital formation in health care provider industries.

Total health expenditure is the sum of all health functions in the function classification plus the health related function entitled gross capital formation.

Experimental Statistics are statistics which are in a testing stage and are not fully developed. There is a strong desire in ONS to make experimental series available during a development period, to assist in the quality assurance process, and to help familiarise potential users with the data and methodology.

A UK resident is defined as someone living permanently in the United Kingdom or who is working for an agency of the United Kingdom government abroad, such as an embassy or a military unit.

Final use, or final consumption, consists of goods and services used or consumed by people to satisfy their wants and needs. These goods and services can either be current, where consumption uses the good or service up completely, or capital, where the good or service is used repeatedly or continuously over a long period of time.

An institution is deemed to be a health provider if its predominant activity is health.

A full glossary of terms (34.6 Kb Pdf) used for Cancer Statistics is available to download.

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