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System of Health Accounts guidelines online

SHA Guidelines on-line is part of an ONS project, entitled "Support Package for Applying the Manual of Health Accounts in the EU", conceived to assist European Union countries which are in the early stages of Health Accounts compilation by sharing knowledge and experience between countries that are at different stages of compilation. The project should lead to:

  • shortened learning curves and easier access to information, and therefore a reduction in costs
  • a better understanding of A System of Health Accounts
  • a better understanding of inputs and methods used in Health Accounts compilation
  • greater consistency between countries’ interpretations of A System of Health Accounts, leading to greater comparability of data
  • further institutionalisation of Health Accounts in EU countries
  • availability of better guidance for users of Health Accounts data

Health Accounts, compiled according to A System of Health Accounts, are a very useful tool for supporting policy decisions, analysing the health care system, improving the transparency of the flows of information and making international comparisons. Health Accounts are of interest for both national and international purposes and are beneficial for society at large, affecting different interest groups.

The project ran from mid 2002 until mid 2004.

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