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Background for health accounts project

Background for project

The main outputs of the ONS project are the following:

  • a manual of practical guidance for countries wishing to implement A System of Health Accounts, known as SHA Guidelines
  • a strategy for the exchange of information between member countries/international institutions and for training of staff involved, known as the Strategy for learning
  • recommendations for future work outside the boundary of this project including maintaining, updating and improving the SHA Guidelines in an interactive way, known as the Recommendations for future work
  • the design of a web-based tool to disseminate the SHA Guideline, act as a medium for dissemination of Health Accounts literature and provide a question and answers section for users


This project was co-funded by Eurostat and the Office for National Statistics.

Background to the institutions involved

A System of Health Accounts was published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The OECD is an international body with 30 member countries and active relations with another 70. The OECD is committed to promoting democratic government and the market economy. Work by the OECD covers a wide range of economic and social issues and it is best known for its publications and statistics.

The OECD offers a great deal of expertise to assist in solving practical issues; organises annual meetings of Health Accounts experts in OECD member countries; publishes OECD Health Data; and has an overview of health care systems in its member countries.

The project entitled “Support Package for Applying the Manual of Health Accounts in the EU” is co-funded by Eurostat and the Office for National Statistics with all outputs being produced by the Office for National Statistics.

The Office for National Statistics is the government agency responsible for compiling, analysing and disseminating a vast range of statistics about the UK’s economy and society. The Office for National Statistics is currently developing an experimental set of UK Health Accounts, and was responsible for drafting SHA Guidelines and the associated products available on this website.

Eurostat is the European Unions Statistical Office. Eurostat provides the EU with statistics at European level that enable comparisons between countries and regions using common statistical language that embraces concepts, methods, structures and technical standards.

Eurostat is a key player within Europe, managing in collaboration with National Statistical Institutes the work on health statistics that is carried out under the aegis of the European Statistical System. Eurostat has helped, and is helping, to fund a number of projects that support the improvement of the wider statistical system on health including Health Accounts.

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