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The way forward for productivity statistics


UK productivity statistics, and the measures provided by ONS to support productivity assessments by users, have made significant strides over recent years. Some of the newer developments have been outlined in earlier chapters, but users - and the changing economy - continue to place new demands.

A significant challenge for productivity measurement is responding to structural changes in the economy. Research into new forms of investment shows that this can quite fundamentally affect interpretation of productivity analysis. In addition, the development programme for measurement of public sector output and productivity has been taking shape through a UK-wide consultation exercise. ONS also helps to influence international standards in this area.

This chapter outlines ONS's ongoing work to improve the consistency of input and output measures in a number of areas. Within the market sector this includes covering how better measures of labour input by industry are being created and also details of ONS work to improve definition of new types of capital.

This chapter also describes how ONS will continue to promote the development of international measurement standards to reflect change, but remains committed to producing its productivity outputs to agreed international definitions. In particular, this chapter includes details of future plans within ONS to improve measures of services within the public sector.

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