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ONS Framework for Productivity

Policy users outside the Office for National Statistics (ONS) monitor productivity for the UK, its industries and regions through analysis based on ONS National Statistics data. A framework for ONS productivity outputs must therefore, include the statistical building blocks for these expert external users, as well as analysis published by ONS itself.

The framework outlined in this chapter has two main purposes. First, it describes ONS productivity outputs (both data and analysis) and streams of work more clearly. Second, it sets out ways of assessing the consistency and completeness of ONS productivity outputs in a way that can help form judgements on priorities to improve their coherence.

Presentation of the framework is in two parts. It begins with a description of levels within the economy at which productivity outputs are delivered and why those levels are used. It goes on to set out a summary of economic and labour market statistics required by users to analyse policy and evaluate productivity outcomes, where possible being consistent with National Accounts.

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