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Market Sector, Services and Industries

The increasing use of productivity growth assessments for monetary and fiscal policy has led to demands for more information on the competitive sectors of the economy.

In 2005, ONS developed experimental measures of market sector output, and from March 2007, began publishing experimental estimates of market sector productivity.

The growing importance of the service sector across the last 30 years has also been a wide-reaching economic development. The complexities in measuring a service dominated economy rather than a manufacturing one have proved challenging. Therefore identifying the main issues and their efforts has been a central concern.

The first section in this chapter details these market sector measures and provides results for recent years. It also comments on how market sector and public services fit together. The chapter continues by considering the measurement of the service sector, in particular, it focuses on those issues affecting measurement of output.

The chapter concludes with a section on productivity by industry, showing details of what is available and explaining important issues for users of these data.

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