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Foreword by the National Statistician

I am delighted to welcome you to The ONS Productivity Handbook. This is the first time that information on how all Office for National Statistics (ONS) productivity measures and theories are sourced and formulated has been brought together in one volume. As such, it forms a wonderful resource for anyone working on or studying how productivity is measured and influenced. The content reflects consultation with users of ONS statistics to ensure that it addresses all the important areas and issues within productivity analysis.

Statistics relating to productivity are vital to understanding the economy and how it changes. This, and the impressive range of ONS productivity statistics and analysis, leads to widespread interest in measures published at international, national and regional levels and also for different sections of the economy. This handbook meets and reflects these interests.

As with all ONS statistics, it is crucial that both experts and the general public can depend on the accuracy and relevance of ONS productivity measures. I believe that the clarity, completeness and accessibility of this volume will enhance this confidence. Additionally, by laying out our plans for further work in this area, this publication encourages future input from all users.

Together with the online version, The ONS Productivity Handbook should be the ideal reference source for everyone who uses ONS productivity measures to gain insight into the UK economy and its place in the world in the 21st Century. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Karen Dunnell

National Statistician

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