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The National Accounts High Level Review - Status Update 2013

Review of methods for compiling the National Accounts

In 2003 ONS conducted a review of the UK National Accounts high-level methods (200.7 Kb Pdf) as part of a blue print for the national accounts re-engineering programme.  An article based on this review was then published in the January 2004 Economic Trends publication: Overview of the existing UK National Accounts (136.5 Kb Pdf) . The review was very much a theoretical approach to how the national accounts could be compiled, and did not focus on the limitations of existing data sources or the required quality of these data sources in order to be able to apply the theory.

Following the launch in August of the National Statistics Quality Review: National Accounts and related products , ONS has produced this update on progress towards the aims of the review and an indication of the further work required in the case of those recommendations which are still considered to be relevant.

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