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Input-Output articles and analyses

United Kingdom Input-Output Analytical Tables 2010 (358.9 Kb Pdf)

The 2010 Input-Output Analytical Tables (IOATs) derived from the Supply and Use Tables (SUTs) for the same year. These tables, together with supplementary data and certain economic assumptions, have been combined to construct the input-output table. This table describes how products (and primary inputs) are used to produce further products and satisfy final demand. The input-output table and its derivative outputs collectively form the IOATs.

Commentary on Supply and Use balanced estimates of annual GDP, 1997-2011 (273.1 Kb Pdf)

Published on 31 July 2013 this article explains the revisions, from 1997 to 2010, between the estimates of GVA and GDP published in the 2013 Supply and Use tables (SUTs) and those previously published in 2012.  It also covers the revisions to the GVA and GDP estimates for 2011 derived in the Quarterly National Accounts, which have now been replaced by the first Supply and Use balanced estimates for that year.

Blue Book 2008 - Balanced Estimates of GDP using a Supply and Use Approach (340 Kb Pdf)

On 24 October 2008, ONS published the 2008 Blue Book and Pink Book, which implemented the first set of changes arising from the National Accounts modernisation programme.

As part of this implementation, the 2008 Blue and Pink Books incorporated a revised annual balance for current price Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for 2004, as well as first estimates for 2005 and 2006 balanced using a new Supply and Use (SUT) approach.

This article gives some details of the latest results, along with a number of annexes providing summary explanations of the different measures of GDP, the differences between the old and new SUT approaches, and the new methods used.

UK National Accounts: GDP and I-O SUTS (291.8 Kb Pdf)

Prepared for the 16th International I-O Conference in Turkey (July 2007), this paper focuses on output measures produced within the UK National Accounts.

The basic framework of the UK National Accounts is provided alongside an explanation of how they are constructed. This paper also forms an input to the ONS Productivity Handbook - A Statistical Overview and Guide (ONS 2007).

Development, compilation and use of I-O SUTS (559.5 Kb Pdf)

This paper looks at the development of I-O in the UK, covering the history and development of I-O SUTs, stages of the integration with National Accounts, as well as the development of new analyses.

The paper was prepared for the 29th General Conference of the International Association for Research in the Income and Wealth in Finland (August 2006).

Annual Coherence adjustments in the National Accounts (63.9 Kb Pdf)

This article was presented at an Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) meeting of National Accounts Experts in September 1999.

It also appeared in the Office for National Statistics (ONS) publication ONS Economic Trends in October 1999.

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