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Index of Services Methods

This page is currently under review as part of the GDP Output Improvement Programme (226.7 Kb Pdf) . Please find below details on the current methods used in the Index of Services (IoS). The IoS is estimated using the same data sources and National Accounts methodology as the quarterly estimate of service industries' gross value added within the well established output approach to measuring gross domestic product (GDP(O)). Information on the improvements to IoS can be found on the Improvements pages and a history of the IoS can be found in the article ‘The Challenges of Measuring the UK Service Sector’ (102.7 Kb Pdf) .

Further information on methods used will be made available on this page throughout 2014.

Users and Uses of Short-term Economic Indicators (47 Kb Pdf)

Index of Services Weights (70.8 Kb Pdf)

Index of Services Revisions (30.3 Kb Pdf)

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