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Index of Production Introduction

The monthly Index of Production (IoP) provides a timely indicator of growth in the output of production industries at constant prices for the United Kingdom (UK).  The IoP is a key economic indicator and one of the earliest short-term measures of economic activity.  It is a key component of the monthly Gross Domestic Product by Output   (GDP(O)), representing 15% of UK GDP as of 2010.  The IoP shares the exact same industry coverage as the corresponding quarterly series within GDP(O).
In 2010 the IoP was assessed by the UK Statistics Authority as part of its ongoing review to ensure that official statistics comply with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. It was agreed that the IoP would retain its National Statistics status providing a number of areas were addressed.  See the full report  for details of the requirements.

These pages aim to explore the details of the IoP estimate, looking at:

  • Concepts
    This section details the general concepts in the construction of the IoP

  • Methods
    This section provides detail on the methods used to produce IoP

Please note that the pages are under review at the moment as part of the  GDP Output Improvement Programme (226.7 Kb Pdf) .

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