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Business Research & Development Surveys

Research & Development Surveys: Coherence of UK R&D Statistics (807.8 Kb Pdf)

This information note examines the coherence between Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates of research and development (R&D) activity and other sources of data, including regional releases and R&D Relief (Tax Credit) data. Key methodological differences between these sources are identified and an international comparison of Frascati Manual based R&D estimates is also made.

Research & Development Surveys: Coverage of the Business Enterprise R&D survey (147 Kb Pdf)

This information note provides an overview of the UK Business Enterprise Research & Development (BERD) survey design with a focus on the methods and sources used to annually update the sampling frame. This information note is intended to improve understanding of the coverage of the reference list of known UK research and development (R&D) performers that form this sampling frame. A recent UK Statistics Authority assessment of the survey requested a review of the methodology for producing business R&D statistics to identify potential gaps in coverage and suggest how any under-coverage might be addressed. This paper concludes that there is not enough robust information to estimate a reliable level of potential under-coverage at this time. The results presented in this Information Note should therefore be used with caution.

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