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ABS user engagement and survey management

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Forum for user engagement; Government User Group and Management Board membership, terms of reference, papers and minutes of meetings.

User engagement

Responding To ABS User Needs (223.7 Kb Pdf)  - An analysis of ABS user feedback, and our plans to address the issues identified through that feedback

How to comment, question or offer feedback on the ABS

The Annual Business Survey (ABS) team would like to improve the way that we engage with you, the users of our data. We want to:

  • make it easier for you to comment, question, and offer feedback on ABS and its planned developments, so that improvements to our outputs and services can be prioritised in response to user suggestions

  • create a forum for users to share information and experience with each other

  • keep you up-to-date with planned developments

  • showcase the wide range of uses for ABS data by publishing a series of regular analyses

With this in mind, we have set up a new Business and Trade Statistics Community on the StatsUserNet forum. StatsUserNet is the Royal Statistical Society’s new interactive site for users of official statistics. It enables you to join online communities for your areas of interest, and even create your own. You can:

  • keep up-to-date, and update others, with developments in your areas of interest

  • ask questions – other members may be able to help

  • participate in and start discussions

  • share resources such as useful documents and presentations

  • connect with other members who share your interests

  • comment on key official statistics publications

  • feed back on plans for official statistics

Joining only takes a couple of minutes. Register  by clicking ‘Log in or sign up’ at StatsUserNet, locate the Business and Trade Statistics Community through the ‘Communities’ menu, and click join. 

We look forward to engaging in discussion with you on this exciting new venture.

ABS Government User Group

The primary role of the ABS Government User Group is to liaise with its government users in order that the ABS can, where possible, meet their requirements. The user group will report to the ABS Management Board.

The role of the ABS Government User Group is to:

  • keep government users fully aware of the progress of the ABS

  • give government users the opportunity to list their requirements and voice any concerns; communicate their views to the ABS Management Board

  • to provide feedback in terms of any issues concerning the quality of the ABS data with a view to informing the development and implementation of the survey

  • to communicate and feed back to government users the introduction of proposed changes to the ABS, such as coverage and methodology

ABS Government User Group membership list (20.5 Kb Pdf)

ABS Government User Group minutes

Management Board

The primary roles of the ABS Management Board are to communicate to its members any high-level developments affecting the Annual Business Survey (ABS) and associated areas and to make strategic decisions on ABS matters.

The role of the Management Board is to:

  • decide on strategic issues or planned major changes before they are communicated more widely, to the ABS Government User Group for example

  • be the main forum for communication of ABS high-level issues, whether concerning ABS directly or in Board member areas and affecting ABS. The main focus is on the ABS inter-relationship with National Accounts (NA), Eurostat, Business Data Division (BDD), Information Management (IM) and Survey Methodology (SM)

  • exchange information between Board members, particularly with a view to alerting each other to future developments which might have an impact on their specific area

ABS Management Board membership list (18.8 Kb Pdf)

ABS Management Board minutes

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