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Labour Market

Quality and Methodology Information reports for the Labour Market theme.

Civil Service Statistics (119 Kb Pdf)

Annual Population Survey (APS) (111.9 Kb Pdf)

Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) (189.4 Kb Pdf)

Average Weekly Earnings (AWE) (147 Kb Pdf)

Business Register Employment Survey (BRES) (153.8 Kb Pdf)

Claimant Count (83.5 Kb Pdf)

Index of labour costs per hour (148.9 Kb Pdf)

Labour Disputes (124.3 Kb Pdf)

Labour Force Survey (LFS) (120.8 Kb Pdf)

Labour Market (52.1 Kb Pdf)

Public Sector Employment (PSE) (115.9 Kb Pdf)

Vacancy survey (111.9 Kb Pdf)

Workforce jobs (295.4 Kb Pdf)

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