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Quality, Methods & Harmonisation Tool


The Quality, Methods and Harmonisation Tool is designed to aid producers of statistics in reviewing their output.  As such, the tool helps you work towards becoming compliant with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

In particular:

  • Section 3 focuses on user requirements, relevant to Principle 1 and Protocol 1.

  • Section 4 covers the use of administrative data and data sourced from other organisations, so ties in with Protocol 3.

  • Sections 5 to 13 are the core of QMHT and focus on methodology, addressing Principle 4.

  • Section 14 is on confidentiality and helps to address Principle 5.

  • Section 15 covers the dissemination of statistics, so relates to Principle 8.

In addition, certain sections address specific practices:

  • Section 6 relates to Principle 5 (3).

  • Section 15 relates to Principle 2 (6).

  • Section 16 relates to Principle 8 (7).

The tool can be used to document and evaluate all stages in the statistical process or to examine a particular stage in detail depending on resources and priorities.

The tool encourages producers of statistics to identify and prioritise areas needing improvement, so that they can plan how to address these in a focused way.

Using the tool

The tool has separate worksheets for aspects such as the use of administrative data; data collection design; sample estimation and implementation; and editing and imputation.  It is intended for completion on screen.

The first step for survey/output managers is to decide which sections will be completed as part of this review.  You may choose to complete all sections that are relevant to the output, or to focus on one area.

To select the relevant sections, please complete the 'Section selection' worksheet (Section 1).

You only complete the sections that are applicable to what you are assessing.  Generally, you will be routed past questions that are not applicable.

The 'Areas for investigation' worksheet (Section 17), located at the end of the tool, automatically collates the areas you identify as a priority for further investigation or action at the end of each section.

Help and Further information

If you have any problems using QMHT, please contact the Quality Centre via:

If after completing your chosen sections, you feel that you need further methodological advice, please contact your own methodology department, or the Methodology Advisory Service via:



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