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Data sources (general list)

Where a non-ONS source is indicated, the link leads to an external website.

Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) - Office for National Statistics (ONS)

The ASHE provides information about the level, distribution and make-up of earnings and hours paid for employees by industry, occupation and region.

It is based on a 1 per cent sample of individuals with National Insurance numbers in the UK.

The ASHE pensions tables replace previous pensions analysis from the New Earnings Survey.

The tables contain membership breakdowns by scheme type, age, sex, contribution rate, industry, occupation, size of company and contracted-out status.

Annual Survey of Occupational Pension Schemes - National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF)

The NAPF Annual Survey is a long running source of statistics and information published at the end of each year on the benefit structures and funding approaches of occupational pension schemes in the UK.

The sample for the survey is drawn from around 300 NAPF members.

British Household Panel Survey (BHPS) - Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER)

The BHPS is an annual survey consisting of a nationally representative sample of households recruited in 1991.

Extension samples for Scotland and Wales were added to the main BHPS sample in 1999 to enable independent analysis of each country.

In 2001 an extension sample was added for Northern Ireland.

The total sample size for the BHPS including the extension samples is now around 10,000 households across the UK.

The BHPS contains longitudinal data for private pension scheme membership and retirement income.

Employers' Pension Provision Survey (EPP) - Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

The EPP is a telephone survey of a representative sample of around 2,000 private sector employers in Great Britain.

The key objectives of the survey are to monitor the extent and nature of pension provision among private sector employing organisations.

English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) - Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)

The ELSA survey sample is drawn from a representative sample of respondents to the Health Survey for England (HSE) aged 50 and over.

The Work and Pensions module collects from each member of the ELSA sample employment details, job characteristics, earnings, occupational pension contributions or receipts, and retirement decisions.

The survey collects sufficient information to establish individual pension contributions and pension rights for those not currently drawing pensions and to determine how these will change with employment or retirement decisions.

For those wishing to study pension rights in detail, separate datasets at pension-scheme level have been produced.

Effects of taxes and benefits on household income - Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Based on an analysis of data from the Expenditure and Food Survey (EFS) this annual series examines how taxes and benefits redistribute income between various groups of households including retired households in the UK.

Family Resources Survey (FRS) - Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

The FRS is a continuous survey of around 29,000 private UK households and collects information on both the receipt of pension income and whether contributions are currently being made (both occupational and personal pensions).

It contains information about the profile of scheme membership and information broken down by sex, age and employment status.

For occupational pensions the FRS contains information on length of membership, whether the scheme is contributory, whether additional voluntary contributions are being paid (and in what form), and what has happened to earlier accrued rights.

For personal pensions it contains information on how many personal pensions are held (currently), when they were taken out, if they are contracted-out, who pays in and how much was contributed by the individual.

Family Spending - A report on the Expenditure and Food Survey - Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Comprehensive overview of all aspects of household expenditure and income including that of retired households derived from the Living Costs and Food Survey (LCF).

GAD Tables - HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

The Government Actuary's Department (GAD) produces tables of annuity rates, on behalf of HMRC, which are used to calculate the maximum income that may be withdrawn from unsecured pension funds and, alternatively, secured pension funds (otherwise known as income drawdown or income withdrawal).

General Lifestyle Survey (GLF) - Office for National Statistics

The GLF is an inter-departmental survey carried out by the ONS collecting information on a range of topics from people living in around 13,000 private households in Great Britain.

Results from the GLF include data on membership of personal and occupational pension schemes by various social characteristics (age, sex, employment, earnings levels, socio-economic classification, industry and size of establishment).

Living Costs and Food Survey (LCF) - Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

The LCF is a continuous survey of household expenditure, food consumption and income based on a sample of around 6,000 private households in the UK.

The LCF (formerly known as the Expenditure and Food Survey, EFS) began in 2001, taking over from the Family Expenditure Survey (FES) and the National Food Survey (NTS).

It includes details of the expenditure of households in receipt of pensions.

Administrative records - HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

Personal pension scheme providers are required to submit statistical reports to HMRC with their claims for tax relief.

The reports relate to all personal (including stakeholder) pensions; there is no comparable source of information on occupational pensions as tax relief is given at source.

Households Below Average Income (HBAI) - Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)

Based on an analysis of the Family Resources Survey (FRS), the HBAI series presents information on living standards of pensioners as determined by their disposable income in a given year, changes in income patterns over time and income mobility.

Labour Force Survey (LFS) - Office for National Statistics (ONS)

The LFS is a quarterly continuous survey of around 60,000 households in the UK.

Its purpose is to provide information on the UK labour market using internationally agreed definitions of unemployment, employment and economic activity.

LFS data can be used to analyse the labour market activity of older workers both before and after state pension age.

Money in funded pensions - Association of British Insurers (ABI)

Annual data bulletin containing information on the money held in funded pensions focusing on the funds in insurer-administered occupational and individual pensions.

Information in the bulletin is derived from data provided by insurance companies to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and Office for National Statistics (ONS).

MQ5 Business inquiry: Insurance Companies, Pension Funds and Trusts Investments - Office for National Statistics (ONS)

MQ5 is a quarterly ONS publication containing information on the activities of insurance companies, self-administered pension funds, investment trusts, unit trusts and property unit trusts.

The estimates are derived from statistical enquiries to these financial institutions.

Pensioners' Income Series - Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)

Contains estimates and interpretation of trends in the levels and sources of pensioners' incomes, based on two household surveys, the Family Resources Survey (FRS) and the Expenditure and Food Survey (EFS).

Pensions Commission reports - UK Web Archive

The Pensions Commission was an independent body set up in 2002 to keep under review the regime for UK private pensions and long-term savings.

A thorough and detailed analysis of existing pensions data was undertaken during the review and can be accessed through the archived reports.

Period and cohort life expectancy data - Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Period and cohort expectation of life data based on historical mortality rates and assumed mortality rates from national population projections.

Population projections database - Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Full population projections by age and sex for the UK and constituent countries are produced every two years.

These sets of projections are based on a review of all the underlying assumptions regarding fertility, mortality and net migration.

Pensions Protection Fund (PPF) 7800 Index - Pensions Protection Fund (PPF)

This PPF monthly update provides the latest estimated funding position, on a section 179 basis, of almost 7,800 predominantly private sector defined benefit UK pension schemes.

The Purple Book - The Pensions Regulator (TPR) and the Pension Protection Fund (PPF)

The Purple Book provides a detailed assessment of the risks faced by UK defined benefit pension schemes, predominantly in the private sector.

Retirement Savings in the UK - Association of British Insurers (ABI)

Annual publication based on the autumn quarter results of the ABI Pensions and Savings Index, an internet survey of savings behaviour conducted by YouGov of around 3,000 employed individuals in Great Britain.

From an analysis of the State of the Nation's Savings survey results.

Rates and allowances for pensions - HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
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