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Data Editing and Imputation

Processing, Editing and Imputation

Survey processing and the detection and correction of errors and missing values.


To provide expertise and advice on developing and implementing effective and efficient processing, editing and imputation for all ONS data sources, including Census, household and business surveys and administrative sources.

Current and planned areas of work

  • Developing and implementing new selective editing methods for business surveys

  • Investigating the use of administrative data to improve editing and imputation for business surveys

  • Developing and implementing automated processing, editing and imputation tools for social surveys and the Census

  • Improving and developing methods for longitudinal survey editing and imputation

  • Adapting editing and imputation methods for surveys with new designs or changes in classifications

  • Providing consultancy and quality assurance in processing, editing and imputation within the ONS and GSS

  • Research of new editing and imputation methodology

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