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3Moons - Spring 2013


This year, ONS joins 1,400 statistical organisations across 108 countries in celebrating the International Year of Statistics.

3Moons - Spring 2013 (2.74 Mb Pdf)


  • Eighteenth GSS Methodology Symposium Call for Papers - by Martin Ralphs

  • Inspiring the Statisticians of Tomorrow in the International Year of Statistics by Jackie Byard

  • A short history of the Census in Britain: What led statisticians to start counting the population? - by Bryan Walker

  • Visualising the Census – Home and Away by Alan Smith

  • New methodology Centre on Data sources and Record Linkage - by Martin Ralphs

  • ONS and the UK Data Service Variable & Question Bank - by Becki Aquilina

  • Seasonal adjustment - Rules are made for breaking - by Gary Brown

  • Trusted Statistics - Understanding the UK

  • ONS Occupation and National Statistics Socio-economic Classification (NSSEC) Coding tool - by Steven Cooley

  • From University to ONS - My Placement Year - by Marc John

  • RAS Conference and Pedal Power by Katie Stuart

  • Methodology placement students get active for Charity - by Natalie Weaden

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