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3Moons - Autumn 2005


3MOONS, Methodology Directorate's quarterly newsletter, provides an overview of methodology in ONS, interviews with staff, and summaries of the projects they are working on.

3Moons - Autumn 2005 (504.7 Kb Pdf)


  • Quality Reports for statistical outputs - The Statistical Quality arm of the Quality Centre has produced three types of Quality Report to accompany statistical outputs…

  • Public confidence in official statistics - The Office for National Statistics (ONS), in collaboration with the Statistics Commission and the rest of the Government Statistical Service (GSS), has over the last 18 months been working on a project to build a better understanding of the British public’s confidence in official statistics…

  • A new quality-assurance tool - MD aims to lead the development of ‘National Statistics built on a solid foundation of reliable, innovative methodologies that command respect worldwide’…

  • Inside MD - time series analysis – explained

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  • Future conferences

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