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GSS Methodology Committee Members

Members of the GSS Methodology Advisory Committee

Dr Pamela Campanelli, Independent Survey Methodologist
Professor Peter W F Smith, University of Southampton
Dr Jouni Kuha, London School of Economics
Professor Patrick Sturgis, University of Southampton
Martin Axelson, Statistics Sweden
Professor Denise Osborn, University of Manchester
Professor Richard Smith, University of Cambridge
Advisors/RSS representatives
Professor Robert Crouchley, University of Lancaster
Professor Ian Plewis, University of Manchester
GSS representatives
Andy Sutherland, Health and Social Care Information Centre
Dr James Gillan, NISRA
Office for National Statistics members
Martin Brand (Chair, Divisional Director of Survey Methodology and Statistical Computing)
Tricia Dodd (Divisional Director of Population Methodology and Statistical Infrastructure)
Jil Matheson (National Statistician)

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