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Secondary set of harmonised concepts and questions

Concepts and questions which apply only for a selected group of surveys can be thought of as belonging to a secondary set.

These sets of harmonised concepts and questions provide a standard means of collecting information about a given topic.

Secondary standards include benefits and tax credits, consumer durables, income, jobs, accommodation, housing costs and benefits, health, crime, and social capital.

Title Description
Benefits and tax credits (129 Kb Pdf) Benefits and tax credits received by respondents
Consumer durables (107.5 Kb Pdf) Typical electrical or electronic goods, such as televisions, computers, telephones and washing machines
Income for analysis and income as a variable (91.2 Kb Pdf) Guidance for collecting detailed income for substantive analysis, as well as guidance for collecting income as a classificatory variable
Selected job details (74.3 Kb Pdf) More detailed than primary standards. Length of time since respondent last worked and the number of hours (paid and unpaid) worked
Accommodation and Household Information (44.5 Kb Pdf) Type of accommodation a household occupies, length of time they have been resident there, availability of motor vehicles to the household
Housing costs and benefits (82.9 Kb Pdf) Housing costs (rent and mortgages) and housing benefits
Crime and fear of crime (75.2 Kb Pdf) Crime, fear of crime and problems in the area, as perceived by respondents
Social capital (108.8 Kb Pdf) Social capital refers to networks with shared norms, values and understandings, and to co-operation within or among groups
National Identity and Religion (91.5 Kb Pdf) Standard questions for data collection on national identity and religion
Internet access (54.1 Kb Pdf) Questions on Internet access, developed by the e-Society Team, ONS and asked on the Omnibus Survey
Sexual Identity (62.2 Kb Pdf) Provides a standard question and guidance, for both users of sexual identity statistics and those organisations collecting data on sexual identity
Other secondary harmonised standards (63.5 Kb Pdf) Contains miscellaneous topics, including qualifications

Interim Standard - Personal Well-being (275.8 Kb Pdf)

Provides standard questions and guidance, for users wishing to add Personal Well-being questions to surveys

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