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Harmonisation Bulletin 09 - 21 June 2012: Release of Revised Harmonised Standards

Revisions to the following harmonised standards were ratified by the Heads of Profession for Statistics in May 2012. The update includes the following amendments and additions:

Demographic Information, Household Composition and Relationships

The Demographic Information, Household Composition and Relationships harmonised standard was updated to reflect current changes in society. These changes include:

Removal of references to working and retirement age, given the increasing age to 65 at which women are able to draw their state pension, the abolition of the default retirement age in 2011 and the proposed increase in state pension age to 68 by 2046.

Removal of references to ‘legal partnership status’, using ‘marital or same-sex civil partnership status’ instead. This change provides more clarity to the term and removes any notion of any type of partnership being ‘illegal’. Further, some of the answers to this question were only noted by interviewers if provided spontaneously by the respondent. This version removes the spontaneous factor from the answers.

Removal of the spontaneous nature of the answer to whether a couple is living together as a same-sex couple. This has been replaced by two questions, depending whether the data source uses a household relationship grid or not.

Further background and guidance (102.1 Kb Pdf) .

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