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Harmonisation Bulletin 02 - 2004/02: Validation of new Rural and Urban Definitions and Classifications

You are invited to take part in a validation exercise on the methodology and results of the new classifications of rural and urban areas. Please find the invitation letter attached below.

The rural and urban definitions and classifications project has been co-sponsored by Office for National Statistics; Countryside Agency; Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and the Welsh Assembly Government. It seeks to classify geographic areas according to whether they are rural or urban.

The validation is being conducted through the Rural-Urban website. The website provides background information and details the methodology used to classify rural and urban areas.

We recommend that you provide comments because it is important that the classifications meet the needs of as many data users and suppliers as possible. Overall the classifications need to be 'fit-for-purpose' for use in National Statistics datasets, and your views will provide valuable input to this. We would appreciate the completion of the online questions by the 14 May 2004.

The feedback from the validation process will help to improve the method and final results. When the classifications are finalised the intention is for them to be endorsed as a standard to be adopted throughout National Statistics. 

Validation document (63.5 Kb Word document)

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