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Open Geography

Open Geography is a framework that provides the definitive source of geographic products, tools and services to a range of customers, including statistical producers and the private sector. Access to these products is available via the INSPIRE compliant geoportal , or with additional information via the categories in the main products page.

How the new framework works

 Users will be able to search, view and download data from a large range of ONS Geography products.

Availability and Cost

All products are available for electronic download free of charge and ONS encourages the widest possible take up of these products. Products are also available on CD / DVD but a charge of £50 + VAT is levied on each CD / DVD in line with ONS' charging policy to cover administrative costs. Please contact us (see related links ) if you require products via these media.


ONS intellectual property (IP) is made available under Open Government Licence terms and conditions but, where a third party IP is included in the product, additional terms may apply (see 'Licences' link in Related Links).

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