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Names, codes and lookups

  • ONS Geography provides a range of products to define names and codes and the relationships between geographies

  • The GSS Coding and Naming Policy, implemented on 1 January 2011 can be found under Related links

  • The products that support the policy; the Register of Geographic Codes (RGC) and Code History Database (CHD) are available via the links below

  • Current names and codes are available via the link to the Names and codes listings

  • Further information and details about the various products available can be found at the following links

  • All products may be downloaded free of charge

  • Code History Database (CHD)

    The Code History Database (CHD) provides details of codes, relationships, hierarchies and archived data

  • Lookups

    Current Look Up listings for a wide range of geographies in the United Kingdom

  • Names and codes listings

    Current names and codes listings for a wide range of geographies in the UK including super output areas, administrative, electoral, health, eurostat and census geography

  • Register of Geographic Codes (RGC)

    The RGC summarises the range of area instances within each geographic unit

  • Standard Names and Codes (SNAC)

    SNAC provides details of codes, hierarchies and relationships between the different United Kingdom geographies

  • Ward History Database

    Provides a history of English and Welsh electoral ward/division changes between Census Day 1991 and 2010

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