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2001 Area Classifications

The 2001 Area Classification is used to group together geographic areas according to key characteristics common to the population in that grouping.

These groupings are called clusters, and are derived using census data.

The classification is used by government departments and academics for analysis and comparison, and can also be used by members of the public and school pupils for finding out about where they live and how it compares with the rest of the country.
  • About the Area Classifications

    Information and frequently asked questions about the 2001 Area Classifications

  • Available Geographies

    Summaries of the geographies for which 2001 Area Classifications were created

  • Maps

    Downloadable maps for the differing levels of each classification within the Area Classification

  • Datasets

    Access to downloadable files holding the data forming the 2001 Area Classifications including Data, Distance from Centroids and Cluster Membership.

  • Cluster Summaries

    Cluster summaries group the geographic areas of the classifications within the Area Classification 2001 into clusters based on similar characteristics

  • Corresponding Authorities

    Details of measuring similarities between authorities and files presenting which have the most similar characteristics within the Area Classification 2001

  • Methodology and Variables

    Details of the methodology and variables used for the 2001 Area Classification

  • Contact the Office for National Statistics

    Contact the Office for National Statistics

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