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Bulletin 2013/06: Amendment to 2011 output area to 2011 ward lookup, June 2013

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Category: Geographic Products

The 2011 output area to 2011 ward lookup has been replaced on the Open Geography portal as there was an error in the previous version of the file. It incorrectly allocated one output area in Liverpool (E00176679) to the 2011 Central ward (E05000889) rather than to the correct 2011 Kirkdale ward (E05000900).  If you have downloaded this product since January 2013 please replace it with the new version. Please note that the original file, published in October 2012, was correct.

Please be assured that this only affects the 2011 output area to 2011 ward lookup file and only estimates produced by customers using it.  All official published census estimates, on the ONS, NeSS and NOMIS websites, are correct.

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