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Bulletin 2013/01: Code History Database, January 2013

Category: Geographic Products

The latest version of the Code History Database has been updated to include changes to existing geographies and the following new geographies as at January 2013:

                            Workplace Zones in England and Wales
                            Census Merged Wards in England and Wales
                            Small Areas in Northern Ireland

Please see 'Coding and Naming for Statistical Geographies' under Related Links to find the tools that support the GSS Coding and Naming policy, these include:

  • Register of Geographic Codes (RGC) - a summary of the available geographies.

  • Code History Database (CHD) - details of individual codes, relationships, hierarchies and archived data.

  • Code History Database User Guide

  • CHD Look-ups from current to former codes

  • GSS Coding and Naming policy for statistical geographies

  • Frequently asked questions

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