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Large scale maps and digital boundaries

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Maps of postal geographies, electoral wards and enumeration districts; any digital boundary sets

ONS Geography produces a number of small scale maps of larger spatial units - eg. local authorities in the UK, national parks in Great Britain, and various others. These can be downloaded from the UK Map Collection.

We do not however produce maps of postal geography or of small areas such as electoral wards or enumeration districts, which can only be covered by large scale mapping.

ONS Geography also produce digital boundary sets for a wide range of geographies. For further information please see the digital boundaries page.

Where can I get maps of postal geographies?

Paper maps and digital boundary sets are available from a number of suppliers including Geoplan and Ordnance Survey.

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Where can I get maps of electoral wards? (or enumeration districts)

Further information about these maps and digital boundary sets can be found by contacting Ordnance Survey.


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