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Training and Enterprise Councils (TECs) / Local Enterprise Companies (LECs) / Enterprise Regions (ERs)

TECs, which existed across England and Wales were government-funded bodies which aimed to foster local economic growth and development, and encourage investment.

They helped businesses set up, grow and evolve, provided training and support for the unemployed and funded vocational qualifications.

They also tried to co-ordinate educational provision to the future needs of local industry.

In April 2001 however the 72 English and four Welsh TECs were disbanded.

A large part of their remit has been transferred to Local Learning and Skills Councils (LLSCs) in England, and the regional offices of Education and Learning Wales (ELWa) in Wales.

In April 2007, the ELWa regions were replaced by Department for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills (DCELLS).

On 31 March 2010, the LLSCs were abolished in England and as yet have no replacement.

In Scotland, the equivalent of TECs are Local Enterprise Companies (LECs), but these were abolished in September 2007 and replaced with Enterprise Regions (ERs) which are government-funded bodies which aim to foster local economic growth and development in Scotland.

There are six ERs and these cover the whole of Scotland.

No similar bodies exist in Northern Ireland.

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