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Scottish Health Geography

Scotland has 14 Health Boards (HBs) which form the upper tier of the Scottish health care system and report directly to the Scottish Government. The 34 Community Health Partnerships form the lower tier of the Scottish health administration.

Scottish Health Care Administration

The HBs were introduced in 1974 and are constituted from groups of the local government districts that existed in Scotland between 1975 and 1996.

There were originally 15 HBs but in April 2006 the Argyll & Clyde HB was abolished and the area absorbed by two existing HBs.

In 2006 Scotland introduced a second tier of health administration with the creation of 41 Community Health Partnerships (CHPs). Working with local communities and other statutory and voluntary sector providers, CHPs play a key role in improving health and reducing inequalities. They report to the Scottish Health Boards.

In April 2007 two Edinburgh CHPs were merged, thereby reducing the total number of CHPs from 41 to 40.

From March 2011, there was a reduction again in CHP numbers with the five Glasgow CHPs merging to form one CHP.

In April 2012, there was another reduction in the number of CHPs from 36 to 34.

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