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Administrative Geography

Administrative geography concerns itself with the hierarchy of areas relating to national and local government in the UK.

This hierarchy is complicated for not only are there several layers but the structure is different in each constituent country of the UK.

In addition the boundaries of many of the layers in the hierarchy are subject to periodic or occasional change.

Click on the appropriate links below to find out more about the countries of the UK in general, or a specific country of your choice. 'Our Changing Geography' explains why and how boundary changes occur and also reviews the major reorganisation of local government in the 1990s and again in 2009.

Diagram of administrative geography









  • The countries of the UK

    Facts and figures about the countries that make up the United Kingdom

  • Our Changing Geography

    This section reviews the reasons for and processes of electoral ward/division boundary changes.

  • England

    Detailed information on the administrative structure within England

  • Scotland

    Scotland is subdivided into 32 council areas, which in turn are divided into electoral wards and communities

  • Wales

    Wales is subdivided into 22 unitary authorities, which in turn are divided into electoral divisions and communities

  • Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland is subdivided into 26 District Council Areas, which in turn are divided into electoral divisions

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