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Multi-Source Topic Reports


ONS is preparing a new series of multi-source topic reports - (MSTRs) - authored by a variety of Government Departments. The aim is to take advantage of new information from the 2001 Census and draw on a range of other sources to provide a more comprehensive statistical picture than would be provided by the Census alone. The MSTR reports will have a UK focus wherever possible. The aim is also to help users choose appropriate sources through links to the ONS 'Joined-Up Data' project.


A Web based summary will be published for each topic to complement the Joined-Up Data project - likely to be in summer 2003. More detailed reports - similar to the Social Focus series reports will be published from late 2003 and throughout 2004.


After consultation with Government Departments, through National Statistics committees, and with potential users more widely, 13 topics have been identified. Social Analytical and Reporting Division at ONS has a coordinating role for the series, but topic experts from across ONS and other Departments will be leading the work on individual reports:

Topic Topic coordinator
People and Places John Haskey (ONS)
Ethnicity, Nationality and Religion Lucy Haselden and Robert Bumpstead (ONS)
Inequalities Helen Cooper (ONS)
Gender Jitka Pekarkova (ONS)
Children and Young People Sarah Tamplin (ONS)
Older people - the over 50's population Ian Davis (DWP)
Wales: Its people Lucy Haselden (ONS)
Health, including disabled people Sue Davies (ONS)
Families David Pearce (ONS)
Housing and households Barbara Noble (ODPM)
Labour market Craig Lindsay (ONS)
Rural areas Ann Reed (DEFRA) 

Authors have been consulting other Government Departments, academics and key users, to discuss the initial scopes of their reports. Brainstorming sessions have been held for 5 out of the 13 reports and other sessions may be planned. Scopes have been sent out for comment.



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