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Output geography

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Census results are available for a range of areas - some are current at the time of the Census and in some cases results are produced for areas that are changed or updated after the Census.

This section provides a brief guide to census geography, including a look at how the building block for Census Geography - the Output Area, was developed and produced. Information about geographic products is also provided, including reusable vector boundaries, and look-up files that relate constitutions of various types of larger area to the Output Area building blocks.

  • Area types

    Information about the administrative areas covered by Census outputs

  • Geographical referencing

    Overview of the grid referencing of addresses to apply a unique geographical location.

  • Output Areas

    Introduction to Output Areas - the building block of Census geography.

  • Output Area production

    Overview of the system used to create the Output Areas

  • Overlapping geographies

    Information on the creation of overlapping geographies to present anonymised Census counts

  • Geographic products

    Overview of geographic reference products available for Census 2001

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