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Key Statistics for Local Authorities in Wales

Release date: 13 February 2003

The bilingual report Key Statistics for local authorities in Wales contains data for Wales as a whole and all Unitary Authorities in Wales.

The printed reports, which were laid before Parliament, contain data mainly in percentages with appropriate denominators. In addition a CD is also available which contains software to view and manipulate electronic versions of the tables with data as counts.


The Key Statistics tables

The Key Statistics dataset consists of a series of 33 tables which provide a summary of the complete results of the Census. They are designed to enable easy comparison between areas across the full range of Census variables. Outline versions are available to download.


Media, availability and cost:


Available free through the Neighbourhood Statistics Service (NeSS) website.

Printed reports available free as a series of downloadable pdf files available in the publications section.

In print

Printed reports for England and Wales [price £75 ISBN 0 11 621643 3] and Wales [price £45 ISBN 0 11 621644 1] available from The Stationary Office.


A CD containing data as percentages in HTML and as counts in SuperTABLE format on request free from Census Customer Services. The CD also contains the National report for England and Wales.

A CD containing data as counts in CSV format on request free from Census Customer Services.


Product notes

  • Table 'KS15 Travel to work' in the printed report does not include figures for average distance travelled to work. This data is included on the CD.

  • Table 'KS24 Migration' was not available at the time the printed report was produced. The table is included on the CD, and appears in print form in the National report for England and Wales part 2.


Supporting information

The following information supporting this Census product is available:

  • errata, errors and corrections identified since the product release (incorporated in the corrections for the National report for England and Wales)

  • data quality indicators for local authorities

  • outline versions of the Key Statistics tables

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