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2001 Census for students

The 2001 'Census in School' resource packs for primary and secondary schools were used to show how the census is not just about counting people and households but how it involves Maths, History, Geography and Citizenship and other related topics.

More than 27,000 schools in England and Wales received the packs which included a range of student activities with guidance notes for teachers. Produced by experienced teachers, the packs cover a diverse range of topics involving the census, including housing, jobs, transport, health and welfare. They also explain the background to the 2001 Census and how the information it obtains has a direct relevance on people's lives.

Junior Resources

Rich Child, Poor Child (744.6 Kb Pdf)  Historic social differences
Counting people in the UK (801.2 Kb Pdf)  Population figures and growth
Green Meadows (605.6 Kb Pdf)  How redevelopment of towns is decided
No Home for Me (1.12 Mb Pdf)  Homeless children and Dr Barnardo
A new town plan for Peopletown (494.7 Kb Pdf)  Growth and development of towns

Senior Resources

We need information (898.3 Kb Pdf)  The importance of surveying people
Testing a hypothesis (548.9 Kb Pdf)  Using data to evaluate a theory
1851 - 1900: The changing towns (1.3 Mb Pdf)  How town life changed historically
Cars: Private vs Public interest (822.9 Kb Pdf)  Transport policy decision making
Home Truths: Housing and Welfare (938.8 Kb Pdf)  Is health linked to housing quality?
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