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Census analysis: Travel to work and other geographic analysis

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is leading a Census Analysis Work Programme that provides detailed analyses of census data on a variety of topics. This page covers Travel to work and other geographic analysis, and the analyses are based on census data for England and Wales.

Commuters travelling longer distances to work

Census analysis of the distance travelled to work by commuters and changing commuting patterns.

The rural population of England and Wales was 10.3 million people in 2011

ONS census analysis of rural-urban characteristics.

Characteristics of built-up areas

Comparing characteristics of usual residents and households in built-up and non built-up areas in England and Wales.

National Parks

The 2011 Census provides an insight into the characteristics of the 13 national parks in England and Wales.

Travel to Work

Examines the key findings from the 2011 Census on methods of travel to work in England and Wales for the working population aged 16 to 74.

For more analysis from the 2011 Census covering different topics, visit Census Analysis.


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