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Census analysis: Labour market, housing and qualifications

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is leading a Census Analysis Work Programme that provides detailed analyses of census data on a variety of topics. This page covers Labour market, housing and qualifications, and the analyses are based on census data for England and Wales.

Fewer than half of those with no qualifications were in employment

Census analysis of the value of different levels of qualification in the labour market.

Characteristics of Home workers across the UK

Analysis of home workers in the UK using data from the Labour Force Survey, the Annual Population Survey and the 2011 Census.

Census suggests 1.1 million households in England and Wales were overcrowded

ONS census analysis on occupancy ratings by household type.

Over 4 in 10 aged 25 to 34 had a degree level or above qualification

Census analysis looks at highest level of qualifications in England and Wales in 2011.

Qualifications, a comparison of the 2011 Census and the APS/LFS (227.8 Kb Pdf)

An examination of the differences in qualifications estimates between the 2011 Census and the Annual Population Survey/Labour Force Survey.

Labour Market Participation in England and Wales

Local area analysis using the 2011 Census.

Home ownership and renting in England and Wales

An examination of housing tenure by size of household, number of bedrooms and characteristics of the household reference person (HRP).

170 years of industrial change across England and Wales

Looking at how the proportions of people employed in different industries has changed since 1841 and some of the factors driving it.


A century of home ownership and renting in England and Wales.

Labour Market

Examines the differences in labour market indicators between the 2011 Census and the LFS and sets out potential reasons why these differences will occur.

For more analysis from the 2011 Census covering different topics, visit Census Analysis.

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