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External links to census analyses

This page provides links to analyses of census data outside of ONS.
If you have a piece of analysis which uses census data that you would like to be linked from this page, please write to the Census Analysis Inbox -

ESRC Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE)

CoDE at the University of Manchester hosts a series of briefings titled Dynamics of diversity: Evidence from the 2011 census, with supporting data and advice on the use of ethnicity and related data. The briefings use plain English and graphics to describe major patterns and trends, and are co-funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Examples of recent briefing publications are:

What makes ethnic group populations grow? Age structures and immigration

By following the changing age structure of each ethnic group – the number of people at each age – from the 2001 Census to the latest Census in 2011, the briefing estimates the contribution to population growth of international migration, births and deaths. The briefing also provides first estimates of total fertility rates over the past three decades for each ethnic group, and population pyramids.

Who feels British? The relationship between ethnicity, religion and national identity in England

The 2011 Census national identity question allows people to report multiple identities from English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish, British and Other. However, nine in ten people only report a single national identity. Ethnic minority groups tend to report British national identity while White British in England tend to report English identity. Foreign identity (‘Other’) is associated with recent immigrants.

Census Information Scheme (CIS) - London specific analysis

The Census Information Scheme (CIS), working within the Greater London Authorities Intelligence Unit, provides London-specific analysis of Census statistics for the 33 London boroughs, the GLA and its functional bodies. The CIS website contains quick and easy links to our analysis and data as well as interactive tools. We are also currently producing infographics, both static as well as animated using Adobe Creative Suite, to visualise the Census data in a new way.


SMARTCensus makes it easy to explore the 2011 census data. You can play, comment and discuss things you find. We focus on dynamic visualisations and commentaries on ethnicity and religion, health problems associated with an ageing population and population changes – but there is lots of other good stuff, too.

UK Data Service Census Support

We are the UK Data Service Census Support. This site replaces the old ESRC Census Portal and provides access to a range of census-related resources.

The UK Data Service Census Support held their first Research User Conference on 27th September 2013; presentation slides are available online.


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