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Census Analysis Work Programme

The Census Analysis work programme that the Office for National Statistics (ONS) is leading will provide users with timely analyses and a variety of analytical products that are intended to meet a number of key aims and benefits, as set out below. This requires a coordinated approach across ONS, other government departments, local government, research organisations, and other researchers and academics.

Aims and benefits of the Census Analysis Work Programme

The key aims and benefits of the work programme are:

  • To add value to census outputs; helping users to understand and interpret census data

  • To coordinate analysis across ONS and with external researchers, and communicate an agreed timetable for the production and publication of analytical work

  • To add insight into policy issues

  • To improve the standard of reporting and commentary across analytical outputs

  • To make geographical comparisons, comparisons with data from previous censuses, and comparisons with other data sources

  • To use the census to improve other ONS outputs

  • To create additional information by linking to ONS surveys and other data sources

  • To produce more detailed analysis than can be done from other ONS surveys and to explain differences with these

  • To utilise the substantial work that has been done to develop new Census questions

Dissemination of Census Analysis

Analysis based on census data will be presented by ONS in the following ways:

  • Short stories - to provide the key messages for the main topics

  • Scholarly articles - to provide more detailed analyses for specific topics

  • Reports - to provide information on methodological and quality issues

Many of the analyses will be supplemented with data visualisation tools and Podcasts, where appropriate.  Podcasts have been introduced over the last couple of years within  ONS and have proved popular and useful in explaining analysis and reaching out to new and existing users. All analysis produced by ONS will be published on the ONS website.

Interim evaluation of the analysis work programme

This report summarises the key achievements, lessons learned and recommendations from the 2011 Census Analysis Work Programme, carried out by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to December 2013. Download the interim report (189.3 Kb Pdf) .

The final report will be published when the programme finishes in 2015.


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