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Census data via ONS Dataset Explorer (beta)

Welcome to a new way of accessing 2011 Census data on the ONS website

A Beta version of the new ONS Data Explorer is now available.

The ONS Data Explorer (Beta) is a major step forward in the way we provide data for website users. It is intended to help you discover relevant datasets for your needs, and to view or download them. It also provides facilities to refine datasets to extract only the information for the areas you require.

Initially, the new functionality contains a sub-set of 2011 Census data. Over the coming months, the scope of 2011 Census datasets available within the new functionality will increase.

This Beta version includes a tool for helping users identify and select the most appropriate dataset for their needs, based on specifying the topics they require. Once a dataset has been selected, you can then choose whether you want to view the complete dataset on-line, download the complete dataset, or to refine the dataset to only include the geographical areas you require, before viewing or downloading.

A further release is already planned which includes additional functionality including:

  • finding available datasets for a specific area, and to be able to view geographical boundaries in relation to a location

  • charting

  • thematic mapping

  • manipulation of tables on-line

  • refining datasets by topics (as well as by areas)

  • social bookmarking, and

  • an on-line 2011 Census glossary

Other non-census ONS datasets will also be made available through the Data Explorer over time.

If you have any feedback about the new tools then please let us know.

> Go to Data Explorer (Beta)


Also introducing the ONS OpenAPI (Beta)

The OpenAPI (Beta) is targeted at other systems and organisations who want to programatically request and receive ONS data - perhaps for including that ONS data in their own website, or perhaps a mobile application.

The range of data available through the OpenAPI (Beta) is the same as that available through the Data Explorer, so will widen to include more 2011 Census data over time, and will eventually include a wider range of ONS data.

To view much more information about the OpenAPI (Beta), including details of how to register to user the service, instructions, and example code, then please visit the dedicated webpages for the OpenAPI (Beta).

There will also be future updates made to the OpenAPI, so if you have any feedback then please let us know.


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