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Quality assurance

A critical part of producing the statistics is the quality assurance process which ensures that the methods have been correctly applied and that the statistics are robust and fit for purpose.

Resources available:

  • Quality assurance of census population estimates: An overview of the quality assurance process with examples of how inconsistencies identified during the QA process were identified and resolved.

  • Quality assurance results by local authority: The 2011 Quality Assurance Pack is an Excel tool that contains local authority quality assurance information which replicates the age-sex charts which were used in the quality assurance assessment of each local authority. A guidance note on the use of the packs is also available.

  • Results from using routinely-collected government information for 2011 Census quality assurance.

  • Assessment of the Longitudinal Study - 2011 Census linkage. Using a bespoke dataset, the report compares linkage rates at each census from 1981 onwards, examines the demographic of those individuals in the LS but not in the census, and includes data on those enumerated more than once in the 2011 census. Download the linkage report (488.4 Kb Pdf) .

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