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Small population groups

A suite of products designed around small population groups has been identified for possible inclusion in the 2011 Census outputs. This suite aims to explore the characteristics of some small population groups, for example the Ravidassian and Nepalese communities, in more detail for areas where they exceed population thresholds.

These innovations will provide information on the existence, size and location of minority groups in England and Wales, and demonstrate ONS’s commitment to maximising utility of census data for the widest number of users, in addition to commitment to the equality agenda and diversity awareness.

Thresholds have been set. Tables for a small population will only be produced if there are 50 or more qualifying people in the given middle layer super output area geography. Separate sets of outputs are being developed for areas where there are 100 or more, and 200 or more, people from the same small population group.

Populations being considered are drawn from the very detailed write-in responses on the questionnaire to ethnicity, religion and country of birth.

(The second release of  2011 Census statistics includes estimates of all ethnic and religious groups to whom ONS has assigned a code, down to the lowest level of census geography. The 2011 Census-specific classification listings is available to download.) 


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